Malaysia Best Blog ?

Malaysia Best Blog 2015? When i am thinking about Malaysia best blog. This blog is definitely not the best blog in Malaysia. Not in 2015, not in 2016.

Malaysia blogosphere is very challenging, there are many experts, name it. SEM experts, blogging experts, affiliate experts. Most of them have blog which can be considered top famous and best blog in Malaysia.

Malaysia best blog 2015
Malaysi Best Blog 2015

How to find Adfly Id

This is how to find your adfly id.

After registered with adfly,

Option 1

you will see a link like this:

xxxx is your adfly id.

Option 2: 

When you login, click at referral tab

You will see something like this:

adfly id

In my case, 8567 is my adfly id.

Good luck 

Adfly Rates - How Much Adfly Pay For Each Country

There are people asking me about how adfly pay for each country.

This is a good question actually. By knowing the adfly rates for traffic from each country, we can maximize our gain as publisher.

If we are using blog as a means of getting traffic.  We can think about in what language should we write our blog. The blog content also should suits the targeted country.

To be safe and without the need of much research,

  • We can write in English  
  • Write something general.
  • Tutorial and how-to are good examples

The adfly publisher rates keep changing based on the advertiser demands.  The example of adfly rates are as in the diagram below. If we take a look at the price, it is pretty obvious which country should we target for traffic.

Adfly Publisher rates
Adfly publisher rates 

You can check the publisher rates at

Adfly Pop Ads - Make More Money With Adfly

For those who still not aware, adfly is now with Pop Ads.

What is Pop Ads? 

PopAds is a way to make money with adfly where you can make money without having to shrink any link. This is a good option for those who want to make passive money for those who hate shrinking link (& for those who like shrinking link too!) 

Pop Ads basically pop up another window when people enters you website. 

Firstly, claim your adfly account if you dont have adfly account yet. 

Next step is to put adfly Pop Ads Script in your website/blog.

Adfly now with daily payment

This is a good news to all adfly publishers. Adfly is now with daily payments. Before this it is a monthly payment but now publishers who are eligible can request daily payments.

By requesting the daily payment, you will get paid in 24 hours after clicking the request payment button.

One more strong reason for you to join adfly.. and to make more money with adfly! 

This is the information from the Adfly knowledge base:

Q : How often can I be paid? Do you offer daily payments? 

We pay all Publishers on the 1st of the month, providing they have earned the minimum amount required.

Now we also offers daily payments to Publisher accounts that qualify:

1. Your account must older than 30 days

2. You must have been paid on the monthly pay day at least once

3. Your payment information cannot have been updated in the last 72 hours

4. Your payment information must be valid and complete

If your account has qualified, you will be able to click the 'Request Payment' button on

to receive a payment in the next 24 hours.

Good luck in making more money with AdFly