How to 'Unblock' Adfly Link in Facebook

Adfly is being blocked by facebook.  This is one of the possible solution to 'unblock' adfly .  To do this you need a twitter account.

Steps to 'unblock' adfly link in facebook

Configure Twitter

1. Login to your twitter account
2. Enable the send to facebook functionality in twitter . Setting > Profile >

Update Tweets

1. Everytime you update tweets, your tweets will be automatically sent to facebook. Any links on usually will be shortened to

2. You need to be careful not to spam your  twitter with adfly link only, you twitter account can be banned by twitter. Follow other people, update normal tweets, and communicate once in a while.


You can update your tweets using twitterfeed . I use this one.
You can use other twitter to facebook aps such as selective tweets.


You can also use the blog method like what has been shared in post Adfly Link Blocked by Facebook